Croeso i Ddosbarth 5

Summer Term in Year 5

     We are learning at home to help

                           save lives 

 Congratulations to Joe and Seren who jointly won the report logo competition  with their designs!

All Home learning tasks will be posted in Google Classrooms  use your HWB log in details and follow the link

 Our topic this term is a science based one - we will be looking at the environment - plants, animals , their life cycles and how they adapt to  their surroundings.



Our value this term is Creativity 

 a link to different activities can be found here  

Home Learning- Please check Google classrooms - link in the box below

Click on the 'homework' link above to find your weekly homelearning  tasks. Remember to read every day and PLEASE learn your times tables. Use your time wisely!

 Really looking forward to seeing you back in school this week ! Remember to check into Google classroom for your online tasks and we will continue them in school !

Use the links below to help practise maths and literacy skills. If the site is blocked it is usually because Adobe Flash player is blocked on your device. Ask your parent to unblock to allow you to play ( They can Google this ) You MUST ask parents permission to unblock Flash player.

Useful links

Don’t forget the riddle:

Hey diddle diddle, the median’s the middle,

You add then divide for the mean.

The mode is the one that you see the most,

And the range is the difference between.

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