Dear Reception Children. It has been a beautiful sunny weekend. I hope that you have had fun playing in the garden. I will put some activities on this class page ready for a Monday for you to enjoy during the week. It is for the whole week, you don't have to get it all done by 10 o'clock tomorrow! From Mrs Griffiths

Writing activity- Explain how you made your musical instrument.

Writing challenge- Boys and girls, please show Mummy's and Daddy's the sound chart and you know that is how we make the letters look really beautiful. Take your time and wow your parents with your beautiful letters. Can you sound out a sentence or maybe two to explain how you made your instrument?

Writing activity- Re tell the story of Jack and the beanstalk. I know someone in the class has been looking forward to this! 

Writing challenge- Can you write 1 or 2 sentences with an adult souding out what happens in the story? Don't forget to add a beautiful picture. 

Dear Parents, at this stage in Reception the children will be sounding out the main sounds that they can hear so made might be md, box might be b or bx. 

Number activity- practise estimating how many objects.

Number challenge- Collect a group of objects, it could be leaves, sticks or toys ( up to 10). Can you estimate how many objects? Now line up the objects and touch count to check. Were you close?

Reception skill- make  a  sensible  estimate  of  up  to 10 objects  that  can be checked  by counting.

Reception skill-count reliably up to 10 objects.

Number activity- Set up a little table top shop in your house with some of your toys.

Number challenge- Label the toys with amounts up to 5p. Can you use coins and find the totals. Start using 1p until you are confident to start using 2p and 5p.

Dear Parents, the Reception skill is- to use 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins to pay for items.

I will put the skills that are we aim for by the END of reception year. Using 10p is probably tricky at this stage. PLEASE be guided by your child and if they are using only 1p at this stage then practise that. Encourage your child to start with the coin with the biggest value and to tap the coin as they count. 

Creative activity- make a musical instrument from an old box or cardboard tube. Try and paint it or cut out coloured shapes and decorate it. Maybe you could add some rice or stones.

Garden activity- if possible go in your garden and make a collection of leaves, stones, twigs etc that are already on the floor. This would be great for your number estimating activity.

Ongoing activities- please try and read at least two books a week and keep practising them every day.


Please sign up to Oxford Owl online which is free and has over 100 Oxford Reading Tree e books.

You have all been given the next set of key words to learn. 

Practise reading and writing CVC words, start with words with the sounds SATPIN, pin, pan, sat, sit, tin.

Practise rote counting.

Reception skill- Recite  numbers  up to 20, forwards and  backwards,  and  from  different starting points. Many of the children are going way beyond this so please be guided by your child. The teen numbers can be tricky so keep counting!

The above activities are not exhaustive and please encourage the children to also follow their own interests. At this age, any activity and time spent with an adult is valuable and almost anything can be a learning experience. I hope that the above activities are helpful and fun rather than sending you into a panic.

Take care, 

Mrs Griffiths

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