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Croeso - Welcome to Willow Class


Our 50th birthday celebrations started this Monday.  We had a great day to kick off the 50 days of celebrating our school's 50th birthday.  We enjoyed a party lunch and a party game afternoon.  We also made birthday cards and playdough cakes. During the 50 days of celebrations we will be taking part in a daily number 50 challenge e.g. finding 50 natural objects in the forest area, 50 star jumps… We are looking forward to hearing more 50 themed challenge ideas from the children.



Summer Newsletter - Click here. 


Please click on the button below to take you to an information page on fine motor skills and pencil grip.

Please click on the button below to take you to the information page from the meeting.




We have snack time every morning in class. Please see the newsletter email for information on how to sign up your child to our school fruit tuck club.   Alternatively, you can send in your child each day with a fruit snack instead of signing up to the club. There will be milk and water freely available.

Things to remember: 

Drink's bottle.png

Water bottle

Please send your child into school each day with a labelled water bottle.  We will be sending home these bottles each evening to be washed at home, refilled and then returned to school the following day.  The water bottle needs to be filled with water.  No squash or juice please!

drawstring bag.png

Spare Clothes

A spare change of clothes (e.g. pants and socks, trousers/skirt, t-shirt…) will be very useful.  Please send the clothes in a small named drawstring bag and we will keep this on your child’s peg in case your child needs a change of clothes during the day.


Please send your child in with a raincoat every day. The weather is very changeable, so a sunny early morning can quickly turn into a rainy day.

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