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Croeso i Dosbarth 4 -  Welcome to Year 4

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Useful links


Big Maths Learn Its schedule  - click here

Some useful online activities to reinforce the work we've been doing in class.

Symmetry - find the lines of symmetry - click here

Place Value Games -

1) Click here

2) An American site so the 'units' are called 'ones' Click here

3) For those of you who fancy a challenge (ignore that the money is dollars!) Click here

Rounding - Practice your rounding to 10, 100 & 1000 here


x by 10 and / by 10. Remember the digits move and you don't just add 0 (although it does look like that sometimes!). Click here

2D Shape. Sort the shapes. Click here

Data Handling. Recap your knowledge of bargraphs. Click here


Table tester.  Keep practising those tables!  Click here.

Pairs to 100.  Click here.

Hit the button.  Click here.


Mixed maths.  A great website covering all areas of mathematics.  Click here.

Billy Bug Coordinates Game.  Click here.

3x Tables Flash Cards  Click here.

4x Tables Flash Cards  Click here.​

Time Games  Click here.​

Weight and Length game  Click here.

Protractor game Click here

Protractor game 2 Click here

Area game Click here (choose Level 1 or 2).

Compass direction game Click here

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