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Peterston Super Ely Church in Wales Primary


This is our Voluntary Controlled Church in Wales School’s Mission Statement

The Bishops of the Catholic Church and the Church in Wales are agreed that every school should be a special place, a safe place, a place of learning, a place of nurture and of exploration. In our school we demonstrate openness and acceptance, tolerance and forgiveness. In our school, values and attitudes are formed and every individual is celebrated as unique.


We develop the distinct Christian Character through our religious teaching, collective worship and ethos that makes God’s love and presence known to the world.


Our Church school is a place of mission and witness to the Gospel.


  • Where Jesus Christ is our foundation;

  • Where every person has equal value and the chance to grow and develop to their full potential;

  • Where teachers, staff, governors and parents, are committed to the education and development of the whole person;

  • where the search for knowledge is accompanied by a quest for faith and a journey of spiritual experience;


…so that…


  • every child can learn of the richness of the created world, and grasp every opportunity to contribute to it in life;

  • every member of staff can be nurtured in their vocation to teach;

  • every achievement can be celebrated and every shortcoming forgiven;

  • every person in this school can know that they are made in the image of God.



The school is a Church in Wales Voluntary Controlled School, which means that although it is a Church school, it is maintained by Vale of Glamorgan Education Authority.



St Peter's Church

All Welcome....


Family Eucharist for families and children of all ages


Every second Sunday of each month at 9.30am

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