We know that this period of time is going to be difficult for all of us involved, we hope that some of the tips and advice on this page will help at this time. 

Due to an update, when logging on to Hwb you will need to add  @hwbcymru.net after your username, i.e TurnerO@hwbcymru.net

User guides for Hwb and PurpleMash
BBC Bitesize is now giving access to regular daily lessons from BBC Bitesize in English, maths and other core subjects, on the BBC Bitesize website and also in special programmes broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.
Video for Google Classroom
Google Classroom - How to edit a template set as an assignment
Tips for Home Learning
  • Try and reduce distractions. No TV on in the background. Sometimes music can help. Clear a space for working or messy crafts. 
  • Try and get into a routine. This doesn't need to be very rigid, but it might be good to have a list of the activities you will do every day. Pupils like routines!
  • Make sure you all have some time to yourselves. Everyone needs a little bit of space every now and again.
  • Give yourself a break. Mix up the activities you do. There are some great fitness and movement videos on BBC Teach. 
  • Think about your attitude. Pupils will pick up on whether you think this is going to be fun or hard work! 
  • Make the most of the opportunity to talk. Pupils will learn so much from just being able to talk to you about things. 
  • Don't be hard on yourself. It's going to be tough! Chat to other parents about what they are doing. 

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