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Our Vision and Values

To work as a Christian family, to enthuse and equip independent life-long learners.

Our school aims:

  • To prepare its children for active, purposeful and fulfilling lives as present and future members of society. To develop independent, socially well adjusted and adequately equipped pupils who have key skills, knowledge, expressive capabilities, reasoned attitudes and have the ability to make balanced judgements.

  • To promote Christian values and beliefs while at the same time developing understanding and tolerance of other cultural, ethnic and religious practices and convictions.

  • To provide a curriculum with structure and content appropriate to serve the needs and potential of its pupils to equip them with life long skills.

  • To facilitate the continuing professional development of its staff, to inspire, support and motivate staff to develop their own skills and expertise.

  • To develop mutually beneficial links with the parents, parish local and wider community through regular communication.

  • To enrich the learning environment of each child through the provision of a range of extra curricular opportunities

Within a stimulating and supportive environment we aim for each child:

  • To feel valued, be inspired and to experience success in academic and all other areas of school life

  • To feel self confident and valued in the Peterston super Ely CIW Primary family community

  • To have the opportunity to develop their mental, physical and spiritual well being by developing their own abilities and interests.

  • To develop their social and personal development.

  • To understand the world in which they live, with particular emphasis on the language and culture of Wales

  • To have opportunities to develop their creative and practical abilities.

  • To develop the life skills of co-operation and respect of values for themselves and their peers

Our mission statement:

Learning and growing together, to become the best we can be.

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