Year 1 Home Learning
Hello, Year 1,
I will be adding new work on the Homework page each Monday during the school closure to keep you busy at home. I will try and keep the activities as interesting and as varied as I can. In addition to the weekly work set please keep practicing your reading, handwriting and Learn Its.
Below are useful links to websites that you might find handy for additional activities. I will add additional ones from time to time. Also, in the same section I have included links to the First 100 and Next 200 High Frequency Words, these can be used for additional reading and spelling activities. Once you are confident reading the words colour them in, then practice writing them using the ‘Look, say, cover, write and check’ method. Write each word at least 3 times each. I have added a spelling practice sheet on the Homework page along with a number line to 20 and 100 square sheet to help with future maths activities.
It's going to be strange not seeing you for a while, I will miss you! Stay safe, stay busy, stay in touch with one another. 
Mrs Sully

  • During the time you are at home you might want to think about things that we do in school daily.  

  • Fitness and fresh air: ‘5-a-day’ - You might want to follow Joe Wicks workouts for kids to start your morning. Make sure you get plenty of fresh air and fitness daily, go out into the garden (if possible) and play games, run around, use a scooter, build things, use chalks to practice letter/number formation.

  • Relax: Take time during the day to sit and read a book, practice your handwriting, listen to music, do some mindfulness activities (e.g. colouring), or 5-a-day fitness Time to Chill on YouTube.

  • Mental Maths (15-20 mins a day): Practice counting in 10/5/2, number bonds to 10, Learn Its (see homework page for examples)

  • Phonics/HFW/Spelling (15-20 mins a day): Use the High Frequency word (as above) to practice reading and spelling.

  • Problem Solving: Solve puzzles, do jigsaw puzzles, create things using Lego/blocks/cubes etc., play board games, learn to play Chess, build an obstacle course or challenge yourself to learn a new skill (e.g. learn to tie shoelaces, tell the time, match and fold socks, wash up etc…)

  • Social Time: Sit together as a family and share a meal, talk about what you have been doing and what you can do the following day and find out how everyone is feeling.

  • Free Time - Take some time each day to do something that you like doing, don't forget to ask your parents permission first!

  • Keep a record: Maybe you could keep a diary of your work and all the activities you do. Either keep a file of your worksheets or glue them into your workbook. Also, it would be nice for you to record the different activities you do by taking photographs.


Croeso i Blwyddn 1, Welcome to Year 1


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