Homework  will  be  sent  home  on  a  Friday  and  needs  to be  returned  to  school  by  the  following  Wednesday  at  the latest. Reading and key words will be sent home weekly and occasionally there will be Maths, Literacy or Topic homework. Your  support  is  much  appreciated  with  ensuring  homework  is  presented  neatly,  completed  to the best of your child’s ability and returned on time.  

All additional homework will be posted on this page.

Big Maths

We will be practising 'Big Maths' daily in school. If you would like to support your child with maths at home you can help them to say numbers, order numbers to 20 and to recognise numbers when you see them, for example the 2 digit number 15 on a house or on a bus. We will start by saying smaller numbers up to 20 and we will practise starting at different numbers. We will practise number bonds to 10 in practical situations. At home, the children could count out ten toys and find different ways to sort into two groups, for example making 8 + 2 or 7 + 3. We will call the number bonds to 10 our 'Learn It's.'

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