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 Welcome to  the home page of your weekly tasks .

These activities will be posted ready for Monday.

Remember that in addition to these set tasks,  you can use your time at home wisely.

Reading – Remember to read daily. Try new genres of books. Read aloud to parents and siblings. Tell them about your story and if you enjoyed it.

Spelling – these will be included in some of your weekly tasks   but remember to play spelling games and continue to practise medium frequency words.

Maths – practise telling the time . Work out how long it takes to do different tasks. Change analogue into digital, am/pm into 24 hour clock etc.

 Practise your tables. You now have the time to learn your tables confidently, please don’t miss this opportunity!

Ask parents, brothers and sisters to ask you questions. Make flashcards, play times tables games etc. You should be able to answer any question within seconds- just like a Learnit!

 Money- ask mum or dad for receipts for food and work out change from £20, £30,£100 etc

 Problem Solving – learn a new skill. Play/ learn chess, bridge , backgammon – all the classic games of strategy. Have an evening free of technology and learn with your family.

Spend time outdoors. Build a den in your garden, ask your parents if you can have a pot or patch of ground to grow things in. Send off for seeds or plant some sprouting potatoes or fruit seeds and nurture them.

Set up circuit training in your garden or in a room in your house – Mr Howells would be pleased!- squats, push ups, star jumps etc

 Help to prepare meals – learn how to make a basic pasta sauce, cottage pie,lasagne, bolognese, mac ‘n cheese, fish pie etc – handy skills for you to learn!

Take time to be still . Have quiet time and respect the quiet time of others in your house.

It is going to be strange not seeing you all, and I will miss those of you who are not joining us in school. But it is very important that we all stay safe and well and I shall really look forward to hearing all your stories and adventures when we all return to school together. Take care

Mrs Price

For the Home Learning Tasks for week beginning 29th June please logon to Google Classroom www.hwb.gov.wales


Tasks for our value of Creativity  can be found here th

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