Year 6 Home Learning

Hello Year 6 and welcome to our home learning page.

I will be adding work to our Google classroom every Monday, so please keep checking your HWB account. As we are in Year 6, lessons will be a little different. I will be adding powerpoints for you to run through with your parents and work will be set on these topics. Please be patient!


In addition to the work I have set for you, it is important that you continue with your daily reading, spelling revision and times tables practice.


To help with not being in school, I thought you could make a plan of what you are going to do each day and tick each activity off as you go along. This will keep you on track and make sure you do lots of different things to keep yourself busy. I have attached an example of a daily planner for you to follow if you want to use it - Daily planner


It is going to be strange not seeing you all, and I will miss those of you who are not joining us in school. But it is very important that we all stay safe and well and I shall look forward to hearing all your stories and adventures when we all return to school together.


Take care,


Miss Hallett

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While you're home you may like to have a little structure to your day. Things you may like to consider - 



  • Practise your spellings. You can have a look at the 'Tricky Spellings' on our class website and get your parents to challenge you. Write a sentence/paragraph for each word. 

  • You could start writing a diary entry/letter to a friend/postcard etc. Remember to use your 'WOW' words.


  • Practise your tables. You now have the time to learn your tables confidently, please don’t miss this opportunity!

       Ask parents, brothers and sisters to ask you questions. Make flashcards, play times tables games (think of the games we              have played in class) etc. You should be able to answer any question within seconds- just like a Learnit!



  • 9am Monday to Friday - Joe Wicks P.E. lesson. 

Family time

  • This could be time to show your parents what you can do in the kitchen. Why not help to prepare meals – learn how to make a basic pasta sauce, cottage pie, lasagne, bolognese, mac ‘n cheese, fish pie or even bake some chocolate cookies or cupcakes etc – handy skills for you to learn!

Quiet time

  • Take time to be still. Have quiet time and respect the quiet time of others in your house. You could start doing some 'Mindfulness' activities e.g. drawing/colouring, reading etc

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