Information about new work will be added here each Monday during the school closure to keep you busy at home. I will try and keep the activities as interesting and as varied as I can. Regardless of what I add here, please make sure you keep up with your reading, spelling, handwriting and times tables practice. Please also keep an eye on the main Year 4 class page as links to new websites that you might like to use will be added on a regular basis (I will mark newly added ones in red).  It's going to be strange not seeing you for a while, I will miss you! Stay safe, stay busy, stay in touch with one another and stay curious. 
Mrs Glover 
Daily Planner - you might like to use this to plan your day
Home-School Weekly Overview (6.7.20) - please CLICK HERE
LOOK-  Home Learning Topic Web (Superheroes) - CLICK HERE to see the activities you can choose from. The tasks on the grid are to last you three weeks, so, whilst there is a lot on the grid for you to look into and do, you do have plenty of time to enjoy your travels with our Superheroes!   
School Values  - Never have our values been so important, Perseverance, Thankfulness and Hope, to name a few, will stand us in good stead as we navigate these tricky times. Our value this half term is CREATIVITY. Click here to explore how you can share this value at home.  
CHALLENGE - How quickly can you learn to type? Typing will become a much needed skill the older you get. Take this challenge and see how you do. Click here
BBC Bitesize Learning - Click the image below to link to this weeks schedule of Bitesize lessons.
While you're home you may like to have a little structure to your day. Things you may like to consider 
  • Quiet Time - Make time for this throughout the day. You can use this time for reading, practising handwriting and undertaking some 'Mindfulness' activities e.g. tracing etc.
  • Mental Maths (15-20 mins a day) - Quick fire times tables, Fact Families (2 x 3 = 6 / 3 x 2 = 6 / 6 ÷ 3 = 2 / 6 ÷ 2 = 3) etc can be practised during this time.
  • Written Maths - Take about 30 -40 mins each day to revise already know calculations methods and/or learn a new concept. 
  • Writing - Take about 30-40 mins each day to undertake some writing. Writing comes in many forms.. .diary entry, instructions, story, newspaper report, Fact-file etc. Try and have a balance of handwritten writing and typed. 
  • Fresh Air & Fitness - Ensure you get plenty of exercise every day. In school you are out playing for at least 90 mins during a day. Try and match this whilst you're at home.
  • Problem Solving - There are many ways to practice your problem solving skills - you could learn a new skill, solve a puzzle, play a strategy game like chess, complete some maths problems or create an obstacle course in the garden and challenge yourself to complete it in a given time. 
  • Sit down and enjoy a family meal - This is a great time to check in with each other and to share ideas of what you can do the following day. 
  • Research - You might like to start a project on a given subject and take some time each day to find out information on your topic. If you don't fancy doing a project, work to find out '5 Fun Facts' a day.
  • Free Time - Take some time each day to do something that you like doing, don't forget to ask Mum and Dad's permission first!

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