Week 1


- Complete the Finding Adjectives sheet. Remember, an adjective is a word that describes a noun, e.g. the fast car / the naughty cat / the delicious cake. 

- Learn this week's spellings for your group from the spelling sheet. Write a sentence for each word. Can you stretch each sentence to include a colour and an animal?

Art - create a rainbow picture to put in a window for people outside to see 

Maths - Continue to practise your times tables using TTRock Stars. The link to this is on our main Year 3 class web page. For other work please see your maths group below. 

Mrs Glover - see Year 4 page

Mrs Andrew -

1.Maths Activity Booklet - click here

2.Problem Solving challenge - click here

Mrs Pitcock - Sheet 1  Sheet 2 

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