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Hello Nursery

I hope you are all safe and well at home. I am missing you all very much.

Please continue to practice writing your name, using the correct grip as well as learning your sounds and numbers.

Make sure you are getting out in the garden in the lovely sunshine .

Over the Easter holidays have an egg hunt in your garden. You can draw some eggs, cut them out to practice your scissor skills and hide them in your garden. To add a bit more, you could write numbers on and find them in the correct order. You can also do this with letters or colours.

If you have signed up to a free Twinkl account, there are lots of lovely Easter activities on there.

Have you have planted your seeds yet? I have planted some at my house but so far only the radishes have started to grow. Remember to take photographs to show me when we return to school.

Mrs Incledon

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