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Croseo, welcome to Peterston super Ely C/W Primary
There has been a church village school in Peterston super Ely for more than 100 years. We carry on a long tradition of excellent education, whilst also playing a central part in village life.

Learning and growing together, to become the best we can be.

We are 50!
On May 13th 1974, the school transferred to it's current site.

We are celebrating with 50 weeks of activities, if you have any stories or memories of your time in Peterston Primary please use the QR code to share them with us. 

QRCode for Peterston super Ely C_W Primary School History.png
Our main method of communicating with parents is through SchoolComms. It is vital we have your up to date contact details. Please contact school if you are not receiving messages. 

Many thanks to Nigel Jones, one of our Governors, for filming this at our Jubilee picnic. 

Due to an update, when logging on to Hwb you will need to add after your username, i.e

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Important information

School Value of the Half Term - Service

Values play a very important part of our Christian School.

We focus on one key value each half term and Collective Worship is built around instilling this value into everyday life.

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